Book Review: Time Management For System Administrators©

Title:  Time Management For System Administrators

Author:  Thomas A. Limoncelli

Publisher:  O’Reilly Books

Date: Nov 29, 2005


Hello All,

     I don’t normally do this but I recently purchased a book through Amazon while looking for ways to make myself a better System Administrator.  Anyone that knows this type of work knows that a career as an IT Administrator can be one of the most rewarding, exciting and awesomes paths to take, but it is almost certainly one of the most stressful as well.  In his book, Thomas Limoncelli gives us many tools and ideas to maintain clarity and ease while dealing with demanding project managers, irrate end users, and everything in between.  Now that you have the main premise of this volume, I would like to take a minute a share why this book hit home for me.  While the demands of my job are incredible, at the end of the day, I’m still a father, husband and more.  One of the most important and most difficult things about having a job that you absolutely love is remembering that it is still a job.  While I would love to spend the afternoon writing scripts and testing new tech, I have a family that need my attention just as much.  This book really helps to put things in perspective and absolutely gives the modern SysAdmin the tools necessary to walk this tight rope.

Anyone working in IT who has ever had a deadline, or a even a full plate should read this book.  Not just to ensure success but more importantly to ensure sanity.



Time Management for System Administrators


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