Fedora Linux 16: Unable to Install VMWare Tools (Unable to find kernel headers or gcc)

Hello all,

Just wanted to post another quick fix. After installing Fedora 16 in VMWare Workstation 8, I tried to install the VMWare tools like I always do because I can’t stand it when the resolution won’t update. Anyway, first I tried to verify the kernel headers were actually there.

fedorabox# su
root@fedorabox# yum install kernel-devel kernel-headers gcc make

This command told me that the kernel, headers, gcc, and make all installed successfully.

When I reran the command for VMWare tools

[root@localhost vmware-tools-distrib]$ ./vmware-install.pl

I still got a message saying that “” is an invalid path for kernel headers. Would you like to change? (y)

I tried to map out to /lib/modules, no go. I tried to map out to /usr/src…no go.

Then I found a command that made all of my troubles disappear. Apparently, because Fedora likes to use cutting edge kernel packages, we have to request a different header.

[root@localhost]$ yum install kernel-PAE-devel

I guess this rewrote the headers to match the PAE kernel and everything went through like a charm.



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